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Professional Development - Winter Events 2021 (recap)

Last week's event on project management wrapped up our series of three online events focused on professional development. We're very pleased with the interest showed from both rotaractors and guests who wanted to join us. Thank you to everyone who attended!

All of our events were hosted by Rotaract Sweden's past president Linnea Lundblad who guided us through the different career-critical topics. Here's a short recap of the events:

Event #1 Get a Career Boost

Guest speaker: Alexandra Ciobotaru (International Rotaract Club of Copenhagen)

Host/speaker: Linnea Lundblad (Rotaract Poseidon Göteborg)

We started our series with an event focused on presenting accessible ways to boost your career. To help us we invited fellow rotaractor Alexandra Ciobotaru from Novoresume to share her best tips on career development and branding. If you missed her talk, check out this, this and this for some great guides on how to get started!

Event #2 Love to Connect

Guest speaker: Gustaf Wilhelm Hellstedt (Rotary Club of Stockholm International)

Host/speaker: Linnea Lundblad

In February, a few days after Valentine's Day, we invited Gustaf Wilhelm Hellstedt for an event on how to build professional networks. Gustaf is a senior corporate executive and master of networking and shared some of his many unique experiences and very valuable networking advice.

Event #3 Leadership - Grow Your Project Management Skills

Guest speaker: Patric Palm (Rotary E-Club West of England)

Host/speaker: Linnea Lundblad

Our final event tackled leadership challenges. We focused on Agile project management and Patric Palm, CEO of Favro, joined us for an interactive fireside chat. If you are interested in learning more about agile project management, check out this article written by Patric himself!

To sum it all up, these events turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to learn and network. We are immensely thankful to all of our speakers who helped us discover new perspectives on crucial topics and of course to everyone that decided to join in.

If you would like to join similar events in the future, make sure to follow our LinkedIn page where all of events are posted!